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Hope you all are doing well. Let’s organize. VIVA Uni_Banda de Labores Yoquey. The following are a few of my thoughts on how we can make this happen.

As drivers, we face many challenges. Some on the road, some off. The greatest of which I ran into at the intersection of my No.2 pencil and my bottom line. My current solution for this is to raise my income by raising the quality of life and quantity of income of all drivers by unveiling all of the technologies behind Uber and Lyft. And how we can build our own open-source platform that removes their costs from our bottom line.

The second being that Uber and Lyft ‘drivers’ couldn’t be organized. Challenge accepted, and the problem has been solved. And I think you will be surprised just how simple a solution it is. See Problem #1…8-)

Your Virtual Union, in your pocket and all of it’s benefits for $1/mo. Riders and Drivers alike. Yes, you heard me right. Riders and Drivers working together in one accord or Prius(8-) to simply steer things in a more equitable direction. That is, at the very least, provide Uber and Lyft an opportunity to negotiate with us. If they are not interested then we can use our technology to balance things out.

I know, a RaDical idea right? All it took was a little R&D…LoL. We can do whatever we want and we don’t need permission from Uber or Lyft and I just so happen to have figured out a solution.

The benefits of Membership are appreciated through our application, and our new technology which acts as a social networking layer. A layer that allows drivers and riders to better utilize Uber & Lyft independently from their technologies so as to completely comply with current user agreements.

Here’s what I’m thinking. A buck.

For a $1/mo. drivers and riders can gain access the platform and ALL of its applications and benefits.

For a $1/wk. drivers will be provided with additional features that are currently only available through developers at a substantially higher cost. Weekly access will save you money when you’re not working. No need to pay for a month if you’re going on a 2 week vacation.


1. Scheduled rides.
2. Pick your flavor of driver and car.
3. Build long lasting services and relationships.
4. Interactive community building.
5. COMPLETE drivers application tool kit(heatmaps/hist. data, parking, perks, etc.).
6. JOBS board. LOTS of other driving jobs. 
7. More jobs in the service industry.
8. Discussion forums, chat, social profiles.
9. Learn and create your OWN virtual storefront to market your wares and services.
10. Learn how to build an exact duplicate of it all if you want. It’s open-source.


And much more to come with your input. I can build it, but by myself it’s just an entertaining simulation running on my network.

Get fuhrio.us…8-)

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